EDILE: Third meeting of the Strategic Council and Validation Seminar

Date : 10-11 July 2014 – Villa Valmer – Marseille, France

 For a better evaluation of investment projects in the Mediterranean

The EDILE initiative has been launched in 2011 by ANIMA Investment Network and supported since the beginning by the OCEMO. It aims at optimising positive effects of investment projects and promoting a sustainable and inclusive economic development in the Mediterranean. EDILE is funded by the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument  and its goal is to provide economic development actors with a practical tool to better evaluate projects before their implementation, in order to generate more positive local effects, especially in terms of employment, subcontracting and environmental preservation.


The EDILE international partners, associates and stakeholders will gather in Marseille on 10 and 11 July 2014 in order to assess and discuss the first version of the investment project evaluation guide – a tool conceived to be shared by all users in Europe and the Mediterranean.

This meeting will be followed by the selection and evaluation of 15 pilot projects in Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia in order to test the guide and complete it before publishing a final version in 2015.



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